AS216299 LCNET

Personal & Educational & Experimental

LCNET (a.k.a. Liuchang's Network) is an education & research network operated by a person called Liuchang Yang. It has PoPs in Hong Kong, Germany, United States.


I peer with route servers at Internet Exchange Points all the time and send identical routes with general peerings. However, setting up a private peering session at IXPs is always welcome.

If you wish to establish the session via a tunnel (WireGuard, GRE, etc.), please contact me via email addresses listed below. This is selected and I only do when I think that makes sense.

For your convenience, here is some information about peering.


To get in touch with me, you can send mail to [email protected] (general information) or [email protected] (for abuse information).

Joined IXPs

Route Propagation Graph

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